Software Development: People, Process, Technology

Arash Khodabandeh, Paolo Palazzi
CERN - ECP Division - Programming Techniques Group

The production of software is a labour intensive activity. Given the scale of software projects related to current and future HEP experiments, it is worth trying to improve the knowledge of the PEOPLE involved, the organization of the software development PROCESS and the TECHNOLOGY used in the various aspects of this activity. The goal is better systems at lower cost and happier users of the software.

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1 - Introduction
2 - People
2.1 - Software for HEP
2.2 - Roles of people
2.3 - Open problems: specialization, training, recognition
3 - Process
3.1 - The Software Life Cycle
3.2 - The Software Process
3.3 - Software Process Maturity
4 - Technology
4.1 - Technology for Life Cycle Activities
4.2 - Technology for Life Cycle Phases

Arash Khodabandeh, Paolo Palazzi - 16 MAR 95
CERN - ECP Division - Programming Techniques Group

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